IoT has always been a place for enthusiasts to share their passion. And this year, we’re looking forward to meeting you again! We know that the lively exchange of knowledge and ideas is what makes IoT such an exciting event–so it was one of our first initiatives as part-time conferences joining forces with industry professionals from around the globe just like yourself who are also committed believers in bringing together people passionate about IOT technology innovations

We hope these changes will allow us all greater opportunities than ever before – whether through networking or learning contentiously at workshops & Sessions led by those most knowledgeable on each topic

With the Internet of Things, we are living in a world where technology rules our lives. But this exclusive event will bring together global leaders for an informative discussion about how to make it work better–for everyone! The 2022 gathering should provide some great insights into what’s ahead so you can stay ahead too

A few years ago when I first heard about “the Coming Industrial Revolution” my reaction was one that echoed across America: anxiety mixed with curiosity – because while many people love their jobs and enjoy life as they know it; there is also fear at wondering whether or not our jobs will still be there in 10-20 years. In addition, as industries have continued to globalize, it has left the average American feeling disconnected and less secure.

The Internet of Things World Forum will explore how companies are rethinking their strategies for the future and what challenges they face when preparing for an ever more connected landscape. From the impact of digital transformation on industries, to how data is collected and used to make decisions, this event will provide a comprehensive view of how the internet of things is affecting businesses today. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to network with fellow industry leaders and discuss the opportunities and challenges that come with this exciting new era of technology.

There is a big program about lot conference 2022 about (BUILD, CREATE, CONNECT THINGS) this program will be held on 27-29th June and people can join online or go to Munich, it has many workshops and group work all in English and German language with more than 10 professional professors more than 200 students and many special speakers from famous companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.

This special event is not only for people who want to study but also for those who work in this area and want to find a new job or improve their current position. The program offers a unique chance to:

– Learn about the latest trends and developments in the field of IoT

– Get insights from experts from leading companies

– Network with other professionals in the field

– Find out about job opportunities in the field of IoT